Master of the High Court

Welcome to the Master of the High Court.  The Master's Branch is there to serve the public in respect of Deceased Estates, Liquidations (Insolvent Estates), Registration of Trusts, Tutors and Curators, as well as Administration of the Guardian's Fund (minors and mentally challenged persons).

The Master has wide interaction with members of the public and practitioners and the dealings of the Master have an impact on the economy. The Master's Office has five main divisions.  They all strive to protect the financial interests of persons whose assets or interests are, for various reasons, being managed by others.

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Deceased Estates

This division of the Master's office supervises the administration of deceased estates.  The purpose is to ensure an orderly winding up of the financial affairs of the deceased, and the protection of the financial interests of the heirs. Follow this link to find information on how to report an estate to the Master.

Wills & Intestate Succession

A will is a specialized document, which should preferably be drawn up by an expert like an attorney, trust company etc. The information is merely to inform the user of this site about some basic aspects of wills. If you die without a will, your estate will devolve in terms of the rules of intestate succession.

Online Deceased Estate Registration & Trust Beneficial Ownership Register


The Guardian's Fund

The purpose of the Guardian’s Fund is to protect the funds of minors, persons lacking legal competence and capacity, known or unknown, absent as well as untraceable heirs. The 2020/2021 interest rate for the Guardians Fund is 5%

Administration of Trusts

The administration of trusts is governed by the provisions of the Trust Property Control Act no 57/1988.  There are two types of trust, e.g. an inter-vivos trust and a testamentary trust.


Contained in this section is:
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Insolvency Matters

This is a very busy and complex division which supervises the administration of thousands of insolvent estates every year. Follow the link for information such as: liquidations, sequestrations, insolvency dashboards, list of Active Insolvency Practitioners. 

Curators and Tutors

This division of the Master's office supervises the administration of the affairs of persons whose property is, for various reasons described in this section, under the control of another person called a curator or tutor.


Obtain forms for Deceased Estates, Liquidations, Trusts, Curators & Tutors, the Guardian's Fund and other forms such as Fees payable to the Master, Application for Certified Copies, etc.

Chief Master's Directives

Chief Master's Directives relating to various matters. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about wills, trusts and the distribution of the estates of deceased persons.

ICMS Master Web Portal

The ICMS Web Portal makes available information held by the Masters´ Offices as from the year 2008.