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Vision and Mission

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An accessible justice system in a vibrant and evolving constitutional democracy.
To enable Access to Justice, to promote Constitutionalism, Rule of Law, Respect for Human Rights and to coordinate the State Litigation and Legal Advisory Services

VALUES: Batho Pele, Ubuntu, Patriotism, Social Justice, Human Rights, Good Governance & Collegiality


The Strategic Plan and the Annual Performance Plan cover all five programmes of the Department which

  1. Administration
  2. Court Administration
  3. State Legal Services
  4. National Prosecuting Authority
  5. Auxiliary and Associated Services


Outcome 1: Modernised and digitized justice services platforms

Outcome 2: Improved organisational capabilities and good governance

Outcome 3: Improved awareness of justice services and the Constitution

Outcome 4: Increased access to justice services

Outcome 5: Improved Masters’ Services

Outcome 6: Colonial/apartheid era justice-related legislation reviewed and replaced

Outcome 7: Transformed state litigation services

Outcome 8: Transformed legal profession

Outcome 9: Advanced constitutionalism, human rights and the rule of law

Outcome 10: Crime and corruption reduced through effective prosecution

Level of satisfaction with the prosecution of identified crime types:

Follow this link to read the Department of Justice's Strategic Plan and the Annual Performance Plan.

Updated: 27 Nov 2023