All Projects

Projects dealt with by the Commission, with their related Issue Papers, Disscusion Papers and Reports.

Project 149: Repeal Of Colonial And Apartheid Legislation

Project 147: The Review of Laws regulating Funeral Parlours and Related Services Industry

Project 146: Review of Regulatory, Compliance and Reporting Burdens imposed on Local Government by Legislation

Project 145: Review of Mechanisms of Intergovernmental Relations Applicable to the Social Development Sector

Project 144: Single Marriage Statute

Project 143: Maternity and Paternity Benefits for Self-Employed Workers

Project 142: Investigation into Legal Fees

Project 141: Medico-legal Claims

Project 138: The Practice of Ukutwala

Project 137: The review of the expungement of certain Criminal Records

Project 136: Multi-disciplinary legal practices

Project 135: Review of the Witchcraft Suppression Act 3 of 1957 

Project 134: Administration of Estates

Project 131: Trafficking In Persons

Project 130: Stalking 

Project 127: Review of Administration Orders

Project 126: Review of the Law of Evidence (Electronic Evidence in Criminal and Civil Proceedings: Admissibility and Related Issues)

Project 125: Prescription periods

Project 124: Privacy and data protection

Project 123: Protected Disclosures

Project 122: Incapable Adults /Assisted Decision-Making: Adults With Impaired Decision-Making Capacity

Project 121: Consolidated Legislation Pertaining To International Co-Operation In Civil Matters

Project 119: Uniform legislation on the fencing of national roads

Project 118: Domestic Partnerships 

Project 115: Administrative Law

Project 114: Publication of Divorce Proceedings: Section 12 of the Divorce Act (Act 70 of 1979)

Project 113: The Use Of Electronic Equipment In Court Proceedings (Postponement Of Criminal Cases Via Audiovisual Link)

Project 112: Sharing of Pension Benefits

Project 111: Constitutional Jurisdiction of the Magistrate's Courts

Project 110: Review of the Child Care Act

Project 109: Review of the Marriage Act, 25 of 1961

Project 108: Computer related crime

Project 107: Sexual Offences 

Project 106: Juvenile Justice

Project 105: Review of Security Legislation: The Interception and Monitoring Prohibition Act 127 of 1992

Project 104: Money Laundering and Related Matters

Project 101: The application of the Bill of Rights to criminal procedure, criminal law and the law of evidence and sentencing

Project 100E: Review of aspects of Matrimonial Property Law. 

Project 100D: Family Dispute Resolution: Care of and Contact with Children.
Project 100D involves the development of an integrated approach to the resolution of all family law disputes, with specific reference to disputes relating to the care of and contact with children after the breakdown of their parents’ relationship.

Project 100B: Review of the Maintenance Act 99 of 1998 

Project 100: Domestic Violence: The Criminal Law Response

Project 096: The Apportionment of Damages Act, 1956

Project 094: Alternative Dispute Resolution

Project 090: Traditional courts and the judicial function of traditional leaders

Project 088: Recognition of class actions and public interest actions in South African law

Project 086: Euthanasia and the articial preservation of life

Project 085: Aspects of the Law Relating to AIDS

Project 082: Sentencing Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Project 078: Interest on Damages

Project 075: Bribery

Project 073: Access to the Criminal Justice System

Project 071: Pretection of the Child Witness

Project 069: Acquisition and loss of ownership of game

Project 068: Access to police dockets

Project 066: Bail reform in South Africa

Project 065: Surrogate Motherhood

Project 063: Review of the Law of Insolvency

Project 062: Protection of a purchaser of securities

Project 061: Enduring powers of attorney and the appointment of curators to mentally incapacitated persons

Project 060: Domicile

Project 059: Islamic Marriages and Related Matters

Project 058: Group and Human Rights

Project 057: Anton Piller-Type Orders

Project 052: Examination of the legal consequences of Sexual Realignment and Related Matters

Project 050: Proposals for the Reform of the Bills of Exchange Act, 1964

Project 051: Marriages and Customary Unions of Black Persons

Project 049: Offences committed under the influence of liquor or drugs

Project 047: Unreasonable Stipulations in Contracts and the Rectification of Contracts

Project 046: The giving of security by means of movable property

Project 043: Investigation into the advancement of the age of majority

Project 042: Supplementary report on investigation into time limits for the institution of actions against the State

Project 041: Investigation into the possibilty of making provision for a divorced woman to share in the pension benefits of her formaer husband

Project 037: Preferences on Insolvency

Project 033: Review of the Law of Prize

Project 025: Statutory Law Revision: Legislation administered by the:

Project 024: Investigation into the Courts' powers of review of Administrative Acts

Project 022: Law of Succession: Intestate Succession

Project 012: Review of the Law of Divorce

Project 009: Law of Trusts

Project 006: Review of the Law of Evidence