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Invitation for comment on proposed amendments to Rule 4(1)(a) of the Uniform Rules of Court

As part of its rule review function, the Rules Board for Courts of Law (Rules Board) has considered amending Uniform Rule 4(1)(a) which regulates ‘service’.

As part of its rule-making and consultation process, the Rules Board invites your comments on the draft amendments proposed to Uniform Rule 4(1)(a) (ANNEXURE A).

Your comments and submissions should be made to the Secretariat of the Rules Board on or before 29 Jul 2022 and may be sent via hand delivery, post or email to:
Physical: 2nd Floor, Centre Walk East Tower, 266 Thabo Sehume (Andries) Street, Pretoria
Postal: P.O. Box 13106, The Tramshed, 0126
Email: AmSebola@justice.gov.za

Dated: 21 Jun 2022