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Commissioners of Oaths

There are two (2) ways of being designated as Commissioners of Oaths in terms of the Justices of the Peace and Commissioners of Oaths Act, 1963:

1. Designation as a Commissioner of Oaths  in a personal capacity, which takes places through application on the relevant form to the relevant Magistrates’ Court and/ or contact the Director: Legal Services in your nearest Provincial Offices; and/ or

2. Designation as an ex officio Commissioner of Oaths, which means that an organisation, motivates why certain officers/ officials in its employ, would need to be appointed as Commissioners of Oaths by way of their Office. The motivation must be submitted to the Director: Judicial Support at National Office and Mr Mhlanga (TsMhlanga@justice.gov.za) from the Division: Statutory Appointments.

They will draft a Notice to be published in the Government Gazette, which is then submitted to the Office of the Chief State Law Adviser to agree; where-after it is submitted to the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services via the Director-General of Justice and Constitutional Development, for consideration. After the Minister has signed the  draft Government Notice, it is then published in the Government Gazette.

Being an ex officio commissioner of oaths, is only for the period while you are in the specific post/capacity of the post. Therefore, as soon as you resign, retired or change careers, even only change branch of a company, you need to apply again.


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