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Departmental Structure: Office of the Chief Litigation Officer

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Solicitor-General (Previously the Chief Litigation Officer)

Mr Fhedzisani Pandelani
Tel: 012 406 4780
Secretary: Vacant
Tel: 012 406 4782, Email: n/a

Office Manger: Thabitha Ramohlale, Tel: 012 406 4879, Cell: 078 511 6657, Email: TRamohlale@justice.gov.za
: Vacant

Coordination of all State Attorney Offices.
Coordination and management of all litigation in which the State is involved.
Creation and implementation of policies which attend to;
• the briefing of advocates;
• the outsourcing of legal work, including the instruction of correspondent attorneys;
• initiating, defending and opposing of matters; and
• implementation of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms of litigation against the State, which must be observed by all persons appointed in the offices of State Attorney.

Chief Directorate: Legal Services

* The creation of effective legal process.     
* The promoting of co-operation between RSA and other countries with a view of enhancement of reciprocal Legislation, the conclusion of international conventions which will promote uniformity in the administration of justice.

Chief Director
Raymond Venkatsamy (Acting)
Tel: 012 315 4636
Fax: 012 357 8017
E-mail: RVenkatsamy@justice.gov.za

Directorate: Legal Process

Directorate: Law Enforcement

Chief Directorate: Operations

* Provision of professional and administrative management.   
* Monitor and manage the implementation of strategic and operational plan.
* Evaluation and implementation of quality management system.

Directorate: Quality Management

Directorate: Operations Management

State Attorney Services

* The Drafting and managing of contracts on behalf of the State.  
* The handling of criminal and civil litigation cases instituted against State officials and committed by means of acts or omissions while executing their official duties.     
* The handing of applications form qualifying personnel for admission as advocates for the High Court.
* The handling of applications for admission as practicing attorney  
* The regulation and overseeing of the conduct of private attorneys operating under the State Attorney Act.

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