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Departmental Structure: Corporate Services

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* To maximise provision of Human resources management and development including Health and Wellness services in pursuit of provision of right capabilities at the right time in the right place in accordance with applicable legal framework.   
* Establishment and maintenance of appropriate accounting and financial and management systems associated with effective efficient management of budgets and expenditure in accordance with the PFMA Treasury regulations and other applicable framework.      
* To manage the effective and utilisation of information and information Technology as a  strategic resource and to ensure establishment of sound information management systems.      
* To manage and provide guidance on management of information in compliance to Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA).       
* To provide educational and communication services to both the internal and external customers of the department so as to enhance and promote the provision of equitable and transparent justice to society in line with the overall annual Government communication strategies.

Deputy Director-General

Ms Thabitha Constance (Conny) Mametja
Tel: 012 406 4839, E-mail: CMametja@justice.gov.za

Personal Assistant
Ms T Gumede
Tel: 012 406 4839, E-mail: ThoGumede@justice.gov.za

Office Manager
Ms Sakhephi Khoza
Tel: 012 406 4839, E-mail: SakheKhoza@justice.gov.za

Director Administration
Ms Moipone Malumane
Cell: 082 336 0157, Email: MMalumane@justice.gov.za


Follow these links for contact details of the Corporate Services Sub-Branches:

Chief Directorate: Facilities Management

* The management of capital works programme and infrastructure.
* The management of property management

Chief Director
Pheladi Kadiaka (Ms)
Tel: 012 357 8118
Fax: 086 697 0867
E-mail: PKadiaka@justice.gov.za

Directorate: Property Management

  • Director
    John Mothibi
    Tel: 012 315 1517, Fax: 012 357 8013, E-mail: JMothibi@justice.gov.za
  • Deputy Director (Major Works, Operational Support and Special  Programme)
    Basie Koen
    Tel: 012 315 1530, Fax: 012 357 8000, E-mail: BKoen@justice.gov.za

Directorate: Infrastucture Management

  • Director
    Ms Oniccah Malebo
    Tel: 012 357 8548, Fax: 086 507 8997, E-mail: Omalebo@justice.gov.za
  • Deputy Director (Infrastucture Management)
    David Munzhedzi
    Tel: 012 315 1936, Fax: n/a, E-mail: Dmunzhedzi@justice.gov.za
  • Deputy Director (IT Infrastructure)
    Mathews Mothabeng
    Tel: 012 315 1326, Fax: 086 677 7358, E-mail: Mmothabeng@justice.gov.za

Access to Information and Records Management / Office of the Deputy Information Officer

* The management of archives & library services.   
* The rendering of office services.
* The administration of Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA).
* The provision of guidance on access information record

Deputy Information Officer
Mr Witness Ndou
Witness Ndou
Tel: 012 357 8544, Cell: 082 898 7289 , Email: paia@justice.gov.za or wndou@justice.gov.za

Directorate: Promotion of Access Information Act (PAIA) and Interception

  • Director
    Witness Ndou
    Tel: 012 357 8544, E-mail: wndou@justice.gov.za

Directorate: Office Services

  • Deputy Director
    Merriam Shadi Shai
    Tel: 012 357 8715, E-mail: MSShai@justice.gov.za

Directorate: Archives and Library Services

  • Deputy Director
    Elias Mashilo
    Tel: 012 315 1978, E-mail: EMashilo@justice.gov.za