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Departmental Structure: Court Services

Deputy Director-General

Mr TZ Malema (Acting from 15 Nov 2021)
Tel: 012 315 1016
E-mail: TsMalema@justice.gov.za

  • Office Manager
    Ms Stella Maphoso (Assistant Director)
    Tel: 012 315 1016, Email: SMaphoso@justice.gov.za

Chief Directorate: Promotion of the Rights of Vulnerable Groups

* The development of programmes to promote the rights of vulnerable groups and to ensure customer management practices.     
* The implementation of the child justice system in accordance with the child justice legislation.

Chief Director
Praise Kambula
Tel: 012 357 8565
E-mail: PKambula@justice.gov.za

Directorate: Victim Support and Specialised Services

  • Director
    Kamogelo Lekubu
    Tel: 012 315 1830, E-mail: KLekubu@justice.gov.za
  • Deputy Director (Victim Support Service - LBGTI)
    Siphiwe Ntombela
    Senior Legal Administrative Officer
    Tel: 012 357 8125, E-mail: sntombela@justice.gov.za

Directorate: Family Law and Child Justice

  • Director
    Charmain Badenhorst
    Tel: 012 315 1259, E-mail: ChBadenhorst@justice.gov.za
  • Deputy Director (Family Court (Domestic Violence))
    Adv Mulalo Netshisaulu
    Tel No: 012 315 1512, Email: MNetshisaulu@justice.gov.za
  • Deputy Director (Child Justice)
    Tel: , Fax: , E-mail:

Directorate: NRSO

  • Director (Registrar)
    Ntombizodwa Matjila
    Tel: 012 315 1656, E-mail: NMatjila@justice.gov.za

Chief Directorate: Court Performance

* To effectively manage and coordinate superior, regional and district  court performance efficiency services.     
* To monitor and evaluate the performance of courts and justice services.

Chief Director
Tel: 012 315 1219 / 1418

Directorate: Superior Courts Efficiency Services

  • Director
    Emily Seima-Sebola
    Tel: 012 315 1884, E-mail: ESeima-Sebola@justice.gov.za
  • Deputy Director (Court Performance Monitoring)
    Nelson Magolego
    Tel: 012 315 1784, E-mail: nmagolego@justice.gov.za

Directorate: Regional Courts Efficiency Services

  • Director
    Mandy Janse van Rensburg
    Tel: 012 315 1504, E-mail:mjansevanrensburg@justice.gov.za

Directorate: District Courts Efficiency Services

  • Director
    Tel: 012 315 1399, E-mail:

Directorate: National Operations Centre

  • Deputy Director (Data Collection)
    Karin Visagie
    Tel: 012 315 1322, E-mail: kvisagie@justice.gov.za
  • Deputy Director (Database Administration)
    Ernest Sebego
    Tel: 012 357 8103, E-mail: ESebego@justice.gov.za


Chief Directorate: Programme Planning and Support Services

* The development of operational strategies and policies affecting the functioning of courts.     
* The management of court information.     
* The planning of the budget and risk control.     
* The management of establishment and statutory appointment.

Chief Director
Adv Elizabeth Picarra
Tel: 012 312 1658
E-mail: EPicarra@justice.gov.za

Directorate: Judicial Support

  • Director (Judicial and Statutory Appointment)
    Tel: 012 315 1201, Email:
  • Director (Judicial Support)
    Ms Corlia Kok
    Tel: 012 315 1399, E-mail: ckok@justice.gov.za
  • Director (Quality Assurance Management*)
    Tel: 012 315 1200/ 1197, E-mail: na

Chief Directorate: Judicial Policy Development

* The initiation, coordination and development of policy related to judicial system.     
* The monitoring and evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of existing policies.
* The provision of Judicial administration support.

Deputy Chief State Law Advisor (Chief Director)
Ooshara Sewpaul
Tel: 012 315 1509
E-mail: OSewpaul@justice.gov.za

Directorate:  Policy Planning

  • Deputy Director (Court Establishment)
    Zacharia Makena
    Tel: 012 315 1767. E-mail: makmoagi@justice.gov.za
  • Senior State Law Adviser
    Lindiwe R Mvuyana
    Tel: 012 315 1554, E-mail: LMvuyana@justice.gov.za

Directorate:  Gender

  • Director
    Ntibidi Rampete
    Tel: 012 315 1670, E-mail: Nrampete@justice.gov.za

Chief Directorate: Family Advocate

* The provision of legal advisory services in respect of family matters (divorce, custody, maintenance, etc.     
* The conducting of research on best practices to inform the development and revision of policies and legislations on family matters.

Chief Family Advocate
Adv. Petunia Seabi
Tel: 012 357 8022
E-mail: PeSeabi@justice.gov.za

  • Senior Legal Admin Officer
    Adv David Ramanenzhe
    Tel: 012 357 8842, E-mail: DRamanenzhe@justice.gov.za

Offices of the Family Advocate (x 15)

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Chief Directorate: Regional Offices

* The development and implementation of operational policies and strategies in relation to courts and the co-ordination of stakeholder interface.   
* The development of performance standards for courts and the monitoring of court performance.     
* The promotion of the constitution, constitutional and legislative development and strengthening participatory democracy.     
* The rendering of programmes and strategic management to courts.  
* The development and monitoring of special programmes to promote the rights of vulnerable groups.                      
* The rendering of family advocate services.     
* The provision and management of adequate, secured and user friendly justice service delivery points. 

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