Vision and Mission

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DOJCD StrategyVISION: An accessible justice system that promotes constitutional values.

MISSION: To provide transparent, responsive and accountable justice services for all.


  • Commitment to constitutional values and a culture of human rights
  • Promotion of the rule of law
  • Batho Pele
  • Good governance
  • Ubuntu
  • Professionalism and continuous improvement
  • Transparency


  • Goal 1: An efficient, effective and development oriented administration. (Outcome 12)
    Goal statement: Compliance with legal and good practice requirements is improved in respect of governance across all branches and structures of the Department towards an unqualified audit.
  • Goal 2: Improved administration support to the justice system enabling efficient resolution of cases (civil, family law and criminal)(Outcome 3 and Outcome 13)
    Goal statement: Courts and justice service points are supported to improve the finalisation rates, efficiencies and backlogs in respect of all criminal, civil and family matters.
  • Goal 3: Provision of quality legal services that strengthen the capacity of the state (Outcome 12)
    Goal statement: The exposure of government to legal risk is reduced, citizens have access to quality guardian and probate services, the state has access to legal services and constitutionalism is promoted.
  • Goal 4: Promote constitutionalism and social justice to contribute to social cohesion (Outcome 14)
    Goal statement: Compliance by government departments with the Promotion of the Administrative Justice Act (PAJA) is substantially improved, citizens are better informed on how to exercise their constitutional rights, public engagement with relevant stakeholders, civil society organisations and community-based organisations is improved by public participatory forums and constitutional development is promoted.


  • Programme 1: Administration
    Purpose: To manage the department, develop policies and strategies for the efficient administration of justice and provide centralised support services. The table below shows the components of the programme.
  • Programme 2: Court Services
    Purpose: To facilitate the resolution of criminal, civil and family law disputes by providing accessible, efficient and quality administrative support to the courts and to manage court facilities.
  • Programme 3: State Legal Services
    Purpose: To provide legal and legislative services to organs of state, supervise the administration of deceased and insolvent estates, as well as the liquidation of juristic persons, the registration of trusts and the management of the Guardian’s Fund.
  • Programme 4: National Prosecuting Authority
    Although the NPA is funded through the Justice and Constitutional Development vote account, with the Director- General as the accounting officer, the NPA has its own Annual Performance Plan and Strategic Plan which is reported separately from the Departments Annual Performance Plan and Strategic Plan.
  • Programme 5: Auxiliary and Associated Services
    Purpose: To provide a variety of auxiliary services associated with the Department’s goals, fund transfer payments to the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), the Office of the Public Protector, LASA, the SIU and the President’s Fund.

Follow this link to read the departmental Strategic Plan and the Annual Performance Plan.