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Parliamentary Questions and Answers 2012

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PQ No Date Keywords Asked By
3327 07 Dec Report on the re-establishment of the Sexual Offences Courts DA
3439 07 Dec Instituted any (a) investigation and (b) disciplinary action following allegations that a certain prosecutor (name furnished) accepted a bribe of R1800 to steal a docket COPE
3386 07 Dec Annual report 2011-12; nr of copies printed, cost, which companies printed the reports DA
3360 29 Nov If the Polokwane Magistrate’s Court has an off-site back-up system for its records DA
3316 29 Nov Orders for the extradition of certain persons (names furnished) have impacted on the Republic’s (a) constitutional provisions and (b) adherence to international conventions in respect of refugees and asylum seekers, in each case COPE
3267 29 Nov Advertisements placed in The New Age since the inception of the newspaper; placed through the GCIS; Whether an independent analysis was conducted by his department prior to placing advertisements DA
3182 09 Nov Whether his department is currently subscribed to The New Age (TNA) Newspaper DA
3130 09 Nov Intention to table legislation to ensure that commissions of inquiry are funded from his department’s operational budget COPE
3114 09 Nov Steps to correct the remuneration difference between acting magistrates and magistrates UDM
2998 09 Nov Submitton of the annual financial statements for the financial year ending 31 March 2012 by 31 August 2012 DA
2965 09 Nov Amounts were spent on accommodation for each specified member of the Judicial Service Commission DA
3806 07 Nov Intends putting in place to reduced the prohibitive cost of civil litigation to assist victims of crime when claiming compensation for patrimonial and (b) non-patrimonial damage ANC
3805 26 Oct Found that the management of the National Register for Sex Offenders is achieving its intended goals ANC
3844 26 Oct Steps has the Government taken (a) to prevent the abuse of state power and (b) against persons who have been found to have abused state power COPE
3807 26 Oct Intends amending the Insolvency Act, Act 24 of 1996, to align it with the Constitution, in order to amend the provision which casts the onus on a solvent spouse after sequestration to prove that property claimed by her is in fact her own ANC
3358 26 Oct Intends to initiate (a) legislation or (b) other measures to tighten up section 100 of the Constitution ANC
3733 26 Oct Area Court Manager; affidavit; forensic division DA
3824 26 Oct Prescribed minimum sentences for the persons convicted of killing members of the South Police Service (SAPS) COPE
2822 12 Oct Employed a certain person (name furnished) to (a) investigate and/or (b) provide a legal opinion on the procurement of VIP aircraft DA
2706 21 Sep Awarded any contracts to Kopano Ke Matla Company (PTY) Ltd DA
2452 07 Sep Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of Fraud, Corruption, Impropriety or Irregularity into the Strategic Defence Procurement Package produced any interim reports; total expenditure DA
2332 15 Sep Contract, Kopano ke Matla Investment Company (PTY) Ltd, tender DA
524 21 Sep Cases of misappropriation, fraud or theft of the third party funds COPE
2259 24 Aug Meetings between National Treasury and the Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of Fraud, Corruption, Impropriety or Irregularity into the Strategic Defence Procurement Package DA
2183 17 Aug Private security firms contracted by the Department and entitites reporting to it DA
416 17 Aug Improvement of the deteriorating infrastructure of the Vredenburg Magistrate Court COPE
1997 10 Aug Finalisation by the JSC of investigations against Deputy Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke COPE
1974 03 Aug Financial donations or sponsorships by entities reporting to the Department DA
1939 03 Aug Repayments of legal fees  / Judge President John Hlophe DA
1895 03 Aug Prosecution of cases under the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, Act 38 of 2001 / NPA DA
1860 27 Jul Research conducted into the Report of the National Assembly on the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Amendment Bill DA
1858 27 Jul Gender and Sexual Orientation-based Violence Task Team (GSOVTT) / Intervention in any hate crime cases DA
1823 27 Jul Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-related Information Act, Act 70 of 2002, breakdown of payments DA
1818 27 Jul Payments to suppliers and service providers within the 30 day payment period DA
1817 27 Jul Establishment of Gender and Sexual Orientation-based Violence Task Team (GSOVTT) / meetings DA
1733 27 Jul Amendments to legislation to ensure officials’ legal costs paid by the state are recovered should they lose the lawsuit FF Plus
1723 03 Jul Names of Zimbabwean politicians and business people who are the subjects of international targeted sanctions COPE
1720 22 Jun Reasons for seconding sms member to the Commission of Inquiry into allegations of fraud, corruption, impropriety or irregularity in the Strategic Defence Procurement Packages (SDPP) COPE
1712 22 Jun Mizeria Nyathi dismissed from the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) DA
310 22 Jun Persons implicated in financial misconduct by ignoring procurement regulations in five provincial departments in Limpopo will be prosecuted / Section 100 interventions COPE
1600 08 Jun Traffic fines incurred / Minister's official vehicles DA
1580 08 Jun Establishment of Thuthuzela Care Centres in rural areas COPE
1555 08 Jun Reasons for the removal of cases from the roll DA
1550 08 Jun Prosecuting cases related to illegal mining DA
1539 08 Jun Legal costs of Adv Menzi Simelane DA
1465 01 Jun Date of appointment of current Director-General / permanent capacity DA
1338 01 Jun Foreign nationals using South Africa as a money laundering and illicit business destination COPE
1349 25 May Claims instituted against the Attorneys Trust Fund as a result of theft of trust funds by practitioners FF Plus
1218 11 May Amount spent on catering and entertainment DA
1336 18 May Complaints regarding The Principal Family Advocate: Northern Cape, Mr MM Mafojane / qualifications required for the post FF Plus
1097 04 May Rental and floor space of premises occupied by his department’s head office / lease of buildings DA
1039 04 May No. of vacant positions for judges COPE
195 04 May Filling of vacant judicial positions / transformation / Judicial Service Commission (JSC) COPE
963 26 Apr Details of presidential project United in Diversity DA
962 26 Apr Action taken against officials of SA Police Service as result of death of prisoner at Durbanville Police Station DA
947 26 Apr Number of advocates and lawyers male/female / black/white / race and gender COPE
946 26 Apr Number of judges / male/female/ black/white / race and gender of judges COPE
943 26 Apr Cluster team approach to prosecute sexual offences by bringing in nongovernmental organisation specialists and counsellors to work with prosecutors and police officers / conviction rates COPE
942 26 Apr Re-establishment of specialist courts for teenage sexual offences COPE
941 26 Apr Steps taken by criminal justice system to give effect to the victim-centred commitment of the Victim's Charter COPE
918 20 Apr Inclusion of decisions of the Supreme Court of Appeal in terms for assessment of impact of court decisions DA
896 20 Apr Conclusion of criminal case of the Department of Human Settlements against David Lengoabala and the Dihlabeng local municipality in the Free State DA
887 20 Apr Conclusion of review of documents and dockets in relation to both INCHANGA CAS 32/06/2011 and INCHANGA CAS 59/02/2008 DA
880 20 Apr Cyber-crime policy transferred from the Communications portfolio to the Department of State Security DA
833 20 Apr Removal of magistrate Annemarie Immelman from the office of the Regional Head of the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development in the Western Cape DA
149 16 Mar Judicial Service Commission (JSC) policy guidelines or a judges’ rule book for gross misconduct by judges / gross negligence, misconduct and drunkenness by members of the judiciary COPE
789 16 Mar Official visits to Bloemfontein in December 2011 and January 2012 DA
763 16 Mar Senior counsel from the Johannesburg Bar approached to provide a legal opinion on merits of murder charge against Lt-General Richard Mdluli DA
759 16 Mar Judicial independence shaped by social, political and economic realities in South Africa / Discussion Document on the Transformation of the Judicial System DA
756 16 Mar Court decisions perceived not to fully advance the transformative purpose of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 / Discussion Document on the Transformation of the Judicial System DA
664 16 Mar 93 cases of financial irregularities in terms of the Public Service Commission Report of 2009-2010 / stolen / theft of funds COPE
619 09 Mar Serving of person on task team established by the African National Congress DA
575 09 Mar Internal audit unit / staff members / structure and functions of the unit/ consideration of internal audit reports / meetings DA
544 09 Mar Reasons for delay in Cabinet approving the draft Torture Bill DA
489 01 Mar Meetings between the internal audit committee and the Minister DA
333 24 Feb Establishment of office of the Master of the High Court in Mpumalanga DA
298 24 Feb Murder trial of Mr John Dietricht to start in the Western Cape High Court three years after the alleged murder of his wife in 2009 COPE
154 17 Feb Investigation of all allegations of torture and prosecution of perpetrators DA
247 16 Feb Further investigations completed regarding criminal prosecution against Coal of Africa Limited (CoAL) DA
130 16 Feb Person granted bail after charged for murder and alleged murder / permitted to travel to Australia for vacation
Johannes Boshoff
(in the case of Abel Matlhare and Thato Bvuma)
220 17 Feb Persons convicted of a crime against a child since 2006 DA
100 09 Feb Conclusion of Review Report regarding Case INCHANGA CAS 32/06/2011 and INCHANGA CAS 59/02/2008 by NPA DA
79 09 Feb Employment contract of Adv Willem Heath
as head of the Special Investigating Unit (SIU)
3 09 Feb Recovery of legal expenses / Mr Jackie Selebi FF Plus


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