Promotion of Administrative Justice Act, 2000 (Act 3 of 2000)

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You and the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act
If you - as a citizen - have been affected negatively by an administrative action, if you want to get a basic idea of what the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act is about or if you want to know what administrative action is at all, that is the right way to start. 2005 - English pamphlet

Booklet on Promotion of Administrative Justice Act, 2004
Here you find more information about the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act. Even though this information is aimed at the public in general, it can be used especially by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community based organizations (CBOs) and paralegals. Part 1 -  Part 2 -  Part 3

NGO Learner Workbook - Aug 2004 Edition
This workbook is designed to help you in your work in the way you relate to government.It has been written not just as a work-shop guide,but as an information resource, for you to refer back to often and refresh your understanding of the AJA.

  • Content-Content page
  • Chapter 1- Introduction
  • Chapter 2- The Context: A background to the PAJA
  • Chapter 3- A law to protect your rights: An introduction to the PAJA
  • Chapter 4- The other side: Administrators making decisions with the PAJA
  • Chapter 5- First notice: How to respond to a first notice
  • Chapter 6- The second notice
  • Chapter 7- Requesting reasons: When, how and where - the guide to finding out why
  • Chapter 8- Internal appeal: Exhausting internal remedies when reasons are not enough
  • Chapter 9-Decisions affecting the public: Section 4 of the PAJA
  • Chapter 10-Going to Court: Taking a matter under judicial review
  • Chapter 11-Simulation: Putting the learning to work
  • Chapter 12-Using the PAJA: NGOs putting the PAJA to work
  • Chapter 13-Access to information: The Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2 of 2002.
  • Chapter 14-Answers: To the Exercises in the Workbook
  • Chapter 15-Resources: The Promotion of Administrative Justice Act, Act 3 of 2000

downloadPractical Guide
The aim of this guide is to provide you - as an administrator in the public service - with an introduction to the most important requirements of the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act. By following the simple procedures set out in this Guide, you will be able to comply with these new policy and law.



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