Guardian's Fund List

Unclaimed funds

Administration of Estates Act (66/1965): Unclaimed monies: Divided in the following districts (Boedelwet (66/1965): Onopgeeiste gelde: Ingedeel onder die volgende distrikte):

  • Administration of Estates Act: Guardian’s Fund: Unclaimed moneys, GG 41931, GoN 604, 28 Sep 2018 [1.93mb]

Please note this list is published annually in September.

How to Claim

Should your name appear on the above lists, please read carefully through and complete the following documents and lodge them directly with the relevant Master’s Office:

  1. Guardian’s Fund Inheritance Requirement Form: Information, Requirements and Documentation needed – ensure that all indicated documents are attached
  2. Form CEFTU 3 (Bank and Personal detail)
  3. Form J251 Application Form & J251A Forgein Application Form

All documents are in PDF PDF format.