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Co-operation Agreement
Co-operation Agreement between Legal Aid South Africa and the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, Office of the Chief Master of the High Court.

This Co-operation Agreement describes the services, service levels and procedure for accessing services that will be delivered by Legal Aid SA on behalf of minor heirs who qualify for assistance in accordance with the 11 1h Edition of the Legal Aid Guide which came into effect on 10 February 2009 and as amended or to be amended by circulars issued by Legal Aid SA periodically. Services will be delivered in terms of the Administration of Estates Act 66 of 1965, as amended.

Tracing agents: Government Gazette 16193 of 27 January 1995

A practise whereby persons search the registers of unclaimed monies, seek out the persons entitled thereto and obtain cession of their rights is prohibited by a direction of the Minister of Trade and Industry in terms of the Harmful Business Practice Act 71 of 1988. Notice 69 of 1965 (Gazette 16193 of 27 January 1995) declaring unlawful any agreement whereby a person cedes to any person charges, sets off against any debt or alienates in any other manner, his right or title to any claim against the Guardian's Fund. Any person is prohibited for instituting a claim in any Court of law based on such an unlawful agreement. Therefore, if money is claimed on behalf of a person / institution by a trading agent the cheque must still be made payable to the person / institution reflected in our records.

    • No tracers are allowed to collect cheques on behalf of beneficiaries.
    • No posting of cheques will be done.

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