Proclaimed Magisterial Districts

Gauteng Interactive Map: Emfuleni Magisterial District [Vanderbijlpark]

From 1 December 2014, communities will get the following services from courts near to them: Hearings of criminal cases and civil disputes, Maintenance, Small Claims Courts, Domestic Violence, Children’ Court and Deceased Estates. If you are not sure where to get help or you are unable to access or understand the maps of the new demarcation ask the court manager at your nearest court.

LEGENDS/KEYS: Magistrate's/Branch/Periodical/Detached Court in the District

GP MAP 12 - Emfuleni [Vanderbijlpark]

Follow this link to view the boundary map in PDF.

Enquiries on this project can be directed to:
Mr Zacharia (Moagi) Makena
Deputy Director (Court Establishment)
Tel: 012 315 1767. Fax: 086 507 4984, E-mail:

Vanderbijlpark Magistrate’s Court

Follow this link to obtain the contact details for the court.

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Areas that fall within this district can access justice services at the court.

Ardenwold AH Northdene AH Vanderbijlpark CW 5
Bloempark AH Riverside AH Vanderbijlpark CW 6
Boipatong Roodia AH Vanderbijlpark NE 3
Bonanne Rosashof AH Vanderbijlpark NE 4
Bophelong Rusticana AH Vanderbijlpark NW 7
Drakeville AH Sasolbyl AH Vanderbijlpark SE 1
Ebner on Vaal AH Steelvalley AH Vanderbijlpark SE 2
Emfuleni NU Stefano Park AH Vanderbijlpark SE 3
Flora Gardens Sylviavale AH Vanderbijlpark SE 4
Gladwood AH Theoville AH Vanderbijlpark SE 6
Iscor Industrial (ArcelorMittal Vanderbijlpark Works) Tshepiso Vanderbijlpark SE 7
Kaalplaats East Vaal Oewer Vanderbijlpark SE 8
Lamont Park AH Vaalview AH Vanderbijlpark SW 1
Lasiandra AH Vanderbijlpark Vanderbijlpark SW 2
Linkholm AH Vanderbijlpark CE 1 Vanderbijlpark SW 5
Lochvaal Vanderbijlpark CE 2 Vanderbijlpark SW 6
Louisrus AH Vanderbijlpark CE 3 Vanderbijlpark SW 7
Mantervrede AH Vanderbijlpark CE 4 Vanwaarshof AH
Marlbank River Est AH Vanderbijlpark CE 5 Vlakplaas 557
Miravaal AH Vanderbijlpark CE 6 Vongeuspark AH
Mooiwater AH Vanderbijlpark CW 1 Windsor on Vaal AH
Mullerstuine AH Vanderbijlpark CW 2 Zuurfontein
Nanescol AH Vanderbijlpark CW 3
Noordloch AH Vanderbijlpark CW 4