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Justice Today, March 2019

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Meet Gauteng’s Regional Head, Mr Tsietsi Malema

March 2019


Mr Tsietsi Malema is the new Gauteng Regional Head

Recently appointed to head the Gauteng Regional Office of the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, former North West Regional Head, Mr Tsietsi Malema says he will use his knowledge and experience in his new role to bring about a positive change to the province, working together with the dedicated team there.

Mr Malema, who was born and bred in Daveyton, Gauteng, officially assumed his new role in October last year. The 53-year-old Mr Malema holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Criminology from the University of Fort Hare which he obtained in 1985.

He regards his new appointment as an honour for him, mainly because he was born in the province. “I am excited to be back in Gauteng because I am from here, my family resides here. I did not accept the position for monetary benefits; it is simply a horizontal transfer.

However, I am happy to work here and looking forward to using my experience to take Gauteng to a higher level,” says Mr Malema.
Mr Malema, who has been the North West Regional Head for the past 12 years, thanked all the officials who worked with him throughout these years. “I would like to express my gratitude to everyone I worked with in North West, I treasure the decisions and strategies we have adopted in trying to resolve work related issues and I learned a lot from them.”

Further explaining the difference between Gauteng and the North West, he attributes the number of courts and the volume of people that access justice services on a daily basis in Gauteng as higher compared to the North West.

“Although I am expecting a sharp increase in the volume of work, operations and dispensing services to the public remain the same. I believe there is more to be done in Gauteng compared to other regions,” he explains.

Although he will be working in a similar environment with different dynamics, Mr Malema looks forward to continue strengthening relations with various stakeholders. “My job is to ensure that courts are functioning at an optimal level, the public is happy about our service and that our stakeholders are getting the support from us as justice cannot be disbursed by the Department alone.”

Mr Malema is of the view that his experience will help him manage most of the problems confronting courts and the region as a whole. “Problems are always there, they are part of our work. When dealing with challenges, I have always adopted a method of staying calm, analysing the problem, consulting with colleagues, taking a sound decision, reviewing it and bringing solutions together with colleagues.”

As a public servant, selfless serving motivates him to be the best in his job. “Serving the public is what keeps me going. I am mostly passionate about maintenance matters I strive to ensure that women who come to our courts for assistance are well served so that their children can have the opportunities they deserve.”

Mr Malema says there are no drastic changes that he will implement in the region; however, he plans to work on improving services, especially at the court level. “I have to meet with the management of the region for them to bring me up to speed with what they’ve been doing and improve on what they have worked on thus far,” said Mr Malema.

By Tshepang Mokobane