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Please contact your nearest Regional Office if you have any enquiries or complaints.

For more information regarding the Small Claims Courts, please approach the Small Claims Court Clerks at your nearest Magistrate’s Office.



Please note that all documentation on the site is in PDF eFormPDF eFormformat and require Acrobat Reader to open and read

  • Complaint Form - Complaint form [45KB]
  • Demand - S29 - Letter of Demand [29KB]
  • Oath - Administering of Oath [26KB]
  • Affidavit - Transfer of the Action for Purposes of Execution [143KB]
  • Annexure Z [J241] - Application (Cover Letter) for the Appointment of Commissioners [94KB]
  • Annexure Y - Application (Information) for the Appointment of Commissioners. The application needs to be accompanied by a letter of good standing from the Law Society or Bar Council [58KB]
  • Annexure X - Establishment of a Small Claims Court [51KB]
  • J141 - Summons: Commencing Action [86KB]
  • Notice S65A - Notice of judgment granted [36KB]

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