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National Office
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Please note that all documentation on the site is in PDF eFormPDF eFormformat and require Acrobat Reader to open and read

  • Complaint Form - Complaint form [45KB]
  • Demand - S29 - Letter of Demand [29KB]
  • Oath - Administering of Oath [26KB]
  • Affidavit - Transfer of the Action for Purposes of Execution [143KB]
  • Annexure Z [J241] - Application (Cover Letter) for the Appointment of Commissioners [94KB]
  • Annexure Y - Application (Information) for the Appointment of Commissioners. The application needs to be accompanied by a letter of good standing from the Law Society or Bar Council [58KB]
  • Annexure X - Establishment of a Small Claims Court [51KB]
  • J141 - Summons: Commencing Action [86KB]
  • Notice S65A - Notice of judgment granted [36KB]

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