Frequently Asked Questions

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Legal Advice

Legal Aid South Africa provides professional legal advice and representation to those who can’t afford it. Visit their website for information or call them on the Legal Aid Advice Toll Free Line: 0800 110 110


How to lodge a complaint:

    • Against a service point/court/Master’s Office
      Complaints on the conduct of the Clerks/Administration should be lodged with the Court Manager at that office for his/her attention.
      Complaints on the conduct of the Court Manager should be lodged with the Area Court Manager or Director, Court Operations for his/her attention.
    • Against a lawyer/attorney through the relevant law society
    • Against a prosecutor through the NPA.
      Complaints on the conduct of the Prosecutors should be lodged with the Chief Prosecutor for the area of the respective court.
      You can also call the NPA Hotline 0800 21 25 80, operated by an independent organization, available 24 hours a day. Anonymous calls accepted.
    • Against a member of the South African Police Service through their website or via the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID)
    • Against a Sheriff through the South African Board for Sheriffs
    • Against a Magistrate through the Magistrates Commission
    • Against a Judge through the Judicial Service Commission