Western Cape’s record breaking maintenance pay-out

A single mother from the Western Cape, Belinda Renee Palmer received more than one million outstanding and future maintenance money for her child. This pay-out has been regarded as the highest amount of Maintenance money paid to a beneficiary in the province to date. In this case the Wynberg Magistrate Court granted an order for Arrear Maintenance to the amount of R 281 680.00 and Future maintenance in the amount of R 955 088.00. The future maintenance   will be paid over to the Guardians Fund.

The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (DOJ&CD) as the administrator of Maintenance remains committed to ensure that children are not deprived of basic needs as Child Maintenance continues to be a priority for the Department.

DOJ&CD Western Cape Regional Office continues to work earnestly to ensure that untraced maintenance beneficiaries are traced and paid the maintenance money due to them, through the Operation Isondlo campaign. Operation Isondlo was established to improve the administration and enforcement of court orders related to child support.



Published: 04 April 2016