Paralegal Learnership


As part of continuous empowerment of employees, the Western Cape Regional Head of the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, Advocate Hishaam  Mohamed congratulated eleven (11) of its employees who successfully completed the Paralegal Learnership.

The development of the Paralegal Learnership was facilitated by SASSETA and the eleven (11) learners who underwent the training fell in the 18.1 category of employed learners. The entry criteria for selection into the learnership were that applicants should not have participated in any learnership; not be in possession of a paralegal qualification, not be bursary holders and presently involved in any studies, and should have been committed to the learnership.

The learnership was a challenging one year accredited course (NQF Level 5) which saw the learners successfully manage their work, studies and family lives. Achieving this qualification will enable the learners to advance in their careers as they will have a broader scope of employment opportunities. This in itself contributes to the goals of the Government’s skills development plan as well as the Department’s development objectives of ensuring more competent staff are trained in order to effectively make a more efficient and meaningful contribution to the justice system and the country.

The learners will now have a better understanding of South African Law and the legal system as well as deeper insight into democracy as a form of governance and its implications for a diverse society. They will also be able to plan and conduct research project as well as apply fundamental legal concepts, principles, theories and values within their work domain. This new gained knowledge will also enhance their productivity, performance and professionalism within the court structures where they currently work thereby further contributing to their value as employees of the Department.

The Regional Head contended that their accomplishment has not gone unnoticed and as a Region we are truly proud of their achievements and wish them well for their future endeavours.   

Published: 16 Oct 2015