Deputy Minister meets the Swedish Public Protector

Deputy Minister, John Jeffery recently had an opportunity to meet with the Swedish Public Protector and Chief Parliamentary Ombudsman Ms Elisabet Fura during her three day visit to South Africa recently.

With the intention to engage in the similarities and differences between South African and Sweden on issues around justice, Ms Fura, together with her three fellow Swedish ombudsmen, further offered advice with regards to funding and accountability as it is also her duty to investigate maladministration of government funds. The meeting took place in Pretoria on 7 October 2014.

The Swedish public protector stated the importance of not only having internal but hiring external accountants who will look into how money is regularly spent to ensure there is no misuse of government funds by officials.

During the engagements, Deputy Minister Jeffery indicated that crime is still a problem in South Africa but the department has tightened the laws by developing specialised police investigative units that deal with corrupt police officials.

Ms Fura was intrigued by the specialised police investigation unit as some police officials associate with criminals and that contributes to the high crime rate in certain countries.

 “I am really impressed that the South African government has specialised courts that attend to matters of discrimination amongst citizens as Sweden does not have any. However with regards to discrimination matters or cases, in Sweden, when the discriminating party is found guilty he or she must pay a fine,” she said.

Mr John Jeffery also informed Ms Fura and her fellow colleagues of the existence of equality courts in the country that deal with matters of discrimination.

He further expressed appreciation about the Swedish visit saying; “It has been a pleasure meeting with Ms Elisabet Fura and hope that she enjoyed her stay in South Africa.”

During their stay in the country, the members of the Swedish Embassy visited the Constitutional Court, a few prisons and universities within the Gauteng Province from 7-9 October 2014.

By Mosima Mashao



Published: 10 Oct 2014