EC promotes excellence at Public Service Awards

Eastern Cape Region honoured their officials for serving the public with excellence and diligence. as well as their dedication and hard work in sustaining an unqualified audit for the 2013/14 financial year.

The Public Service Excellence Awards, held at the East London International Convention Centre on 30 September 2014, also recognised officials who have served the department for 20, 30 and 40 years, by giving them long service certificates while others received awards in client orientation, customer service and stakeholder management categories.

Eastern Cape Regional Head, Mr Vuyani Mguqulwa shared words of encouragement with all recipients of awards and those who had not been nominated.

“This day does not only serve to congratulate officials who have walked the long walk of providing quality services to the public, but encourage the rest to have the desire to keep working hard and inclusively in pushing the mandate of the department forward,” said Mr Mguqulwa.

Ms Dibuseng Mongoato, Director: Court Operations in the region said; “Obtaining an unqualified audit emerged from officials working overtime without any remuneration but a common goal of becoming a region of high performance and obtaining clean audits for years to come would be realised”.

Explaining the journey towards achieving an unqualified audit, Ms Mongoato said throughout the whole process, the region started by analysing the 2010/11 financial year national audit findings. “We found that if we set clear goals, remove boundaries, share each other’s’ knowledge, skills and work extra hours we could definitely obtain a clean audit,” she said.

Ms Mongoato stated that the development of compliance checklists, control registers, cluster teams and openness of officials to learning from their juniors will ensure clean audits for years to come.

Ms Ntombovuyo Jama, Senior Court Interpreter at the Butterworth Magistrate’s Court, who received a gold certificate under the Customer Service category, said she was happy that she was nominated in the first place. “This certificate goes to show that my work is noticed and appreciated by my colleagues and seniors,” said Ms Jama.

Mr Zukisa Mahanjana, Assistant Director: Finance at the regional office said he was very excited to have received an award. “I feel excited, receiving this award gives me hope that I will do just as well in future,” said Mr Mahanjana.

By Mosima Mashao




Published: 10 Oct 2014