Newlands Branch Court gets a facelift

The Gauteng Regional Office, lead by the Regional Head Ms Emily Dhlamini, launched the Itireleng Project at the Newlands Branch Court. The Itireleng Project, with means “do it yourself” is a brainchild of department’s Director-General Ms Nonkululeko Sindane, and was first launched at the White River Magistrate’s Court in Mpumalanga in 2013.

The project aims to encourage officials to take action in improving their work environment and Ms Sindane subsequently encouraged other regions to follow suit.

Gauteng Regional Office had identified the Hillbrow Magistrate’s Court and Newlands Branch Court due to the dilapidated conditions and decided to prioritise with Newlands Branch Court. The executive committee of the region, together with officials as well as offenders who are sentenced to community service assisted with renovations. The staff contributed money to buy material to refurbish the court by means of painting and fixing the dilapidated roof.

“Today, we are here to celebrate the achievement we have seen through unity in the region. If we were not united as the executive committee and the staff of the regional office and the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court, today would not have been possible,” remarked Ms Dhlamini.

Although Ms Dhlamini could not make any commitments, she indicated that they intend to bring family law services, maintenance and domestic violence services to the court as they are currently only available in Johannesburg. “We cannot expect the community to spend money they do not have to travel to Johannesburg to access these services,” she said.

Meanwhile Mr Sydney Ntshudisane, Office Manager at the Newlands Branch Court said they are grateful for what the regional office had done for them. “The small budget we had, actually multiplied. We are grateful today that our colleagues from regional office are here to say Newlands we love you and care about you. Today is not about dispensing justice but rather improving working conditions,” he concluded.

By Benson Ntlatleng



Published: 27 May 2014