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  • Procedure on Divorce - The first step to follow, approach Legal Aid South Africa or Private Attorneys for consultations.
  • Let us celebrate International Human Rights Day, 10 Dec 2015
    South Africa's Constitution contains the Bill of Rights which protects and promotes our human rights.
  • Support for victims of sexual offences, 16 Days Newspaper Inset, Dec 2015
    Information on the types of sexual crimes (offences), who can be a victim of a sexual crime, quick facts, services offred by the new model for Sexual Offences Courts and steps to follow if you are a victim of a sexual offence.
    Cyber Bullying and Sexting are two of the new concepts that are affecting many young children and learners. The sharing of explicit content, nude/semi-nude photographs, videos and messages portraying sexual behaviour has become a popular trend amongst youth.
  • Protecting our CHildrenProtecting our Children: The Child Justice Act, 2008 (Act 75 of 2008) establishes a criminal justice system for children in conflict with the law that expands and entrenches the principles of restorative justice, while ensuring their responsibility and accountability for crimes committed. February 2015
  • My child’s future is my priority. I pay maintenance, Newspaper Wrapper 2014 pdf
  • How to get a protection order in terms of the Domestic Violence Act, 1998 (Act No. 116 of 1998), 2014 pdf

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