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Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the 11 April 2001 Ellis Park disaster

About the Commission

  • Official Name: Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the 11 April 2001 Ellis Park Disaster
  • Appointed on: 18 April 2001
  • By Proclamation: No. R.27, 2001
  • Terms of Reference: Contents
  • Commissioner: The Honorable Mr Justice B M Ngoepe
  • Additional Member: Advocate I A Semenya, SC
  • Evidence Leaders: Adv Kevin Atwell, Mr Jeff Ledwaba, Mrs Igashanee Gangadu
  • Secretary: Mrs Tessie Bezuidenhout ( Tel: (012) 315 1086, Fax: (012) 325 8688,
  • Assistants: Ms Carina de Jongh (Tel: (012) 315 1453, E-Mail: and Ms Nthateng Matima (Tel: (012) 315 1502, E-Mail:
  • Address: 17th Floor, Merino Building, C/o Bosman & Pretorius Street
  • Postal Address: Private Bag X81, Pretoria, 0001

Please Note: Some of these contact numbers and/or e-mail addresses might have changed since the commission's operations. You can contact the Department's switchboard (Tel: 012 - 315 1111) for assistance in this regard.

Terms of Reference

A. The Commission shall inquire into, make findings and report on the following matters:
1. The facts that led to the disaster on 11 April 2001 at Ellis Park Stadium, in particular:
1.1 the events that took place on the day in question;
1.2 factors which preceded the event and which led to the tragedy, and
1.3 whether there was any mismanagement on the part of anybody.

B. The Commission shall report and make recommendations on how a similar occurrence is to be prevented in future.

C. These terms of reference may be added to, varied or amended from time to time.

D. The Commission shall commence with its duties forthwith.

E. The Commission shall have the power to publish interim reports.

F. The Commission shall be subject to and be conducted in terms of the provisions of the Commissions Act No 8 of 1947, as amended, and the regulations published thereunder.

Transcriptions of proceedings, Jul - Nov 2001 (3.6 MB) pdf

16, 17, 18 & 19 July 2001 ( Witness: George Stainton)
23 July 2001 (Witness: T Phillips, Witness: G Stainton)
24 July 2001 (Witness: G Stainton)
25 July 2001 (Witness: G Stainton)
26 July 2001 (Witness: G Stainton)
21 August 2001 (Witness: L Kwinana)
22 August 2001 (Witness: L Kwinana)
23 August 2001 (Witness: L Kwinana, Witness: M S Nyaku, Witness: A V Mabena)
24 August  2001 (Witness: A V Mabena, Witness: E Oliphant)
27 August 2001 (Witness: I D Clarke, Witness: M Hutamo, Witness: M F Molapo, Witness: Gouws)
28 August 2001 (Witness: J Mofokeng, Witness: V B Mpungose)
29 August 2001 (Witness: V B Mpungose, Witness: M A Shabalala)
30 August 2001 (Witness: M F Molapo)
3 September 2001 (Witness: M F Molapo, Discussion, Witness: Kruger)
4 September 2001 (Witness: Kruger, Witness: D Skosana)
5 September 2001 (Witness: D Skosana, Witness: M Fourie)
6 September 2001 (Witness: M Fourie, Witness: M Mbuli)
10 September 2001 (Witness: M Mbuli, Witness: Erasmus, Witness: Mamabolo)
11 September 2001 (Witness: Webster, Witness: Mngobe)
12 September 2001 (Witness: Mamabolo)
13 September 2001 (Witness: J Hallows)
22 October 2001 (Opening Address, Witness: O S Khumalo, Witness: A Donaldson, Witness: Prof Scholtz)
24 October 2001 (Witness: C M Stoman)
25 October 2001 (Witness: C M Stoman, Witness: R H van Huyssteen)
29 October 2001 (Witness: Douglas, Witness: Mbete)
31 October 2001 (Witness: Coetzee)
1 November 2001 (Witness: Coetzee, Witness: Van Rooyen)
2 November 2001 (Witness: Van Rooyen)