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It deals with specific issues of gender equality in the justice system. It will help us to ensure that the gender equality objectives articulated in Justice Vision 2000 are implemented effectively. It should therefore be read and implemented concurrently with Justice Vision 2000.

In developing our Gender Policy Statement we consulted individuals and groups inside and outside the Department. Civil society stakeholders who attended the many consultative workshops included: Traditional leaders, Organised labour, the legal profession, Religious leaders, the rural women’s movement and the business community.

It gives us great pleasure to release our Gender Policy Statement. It is based on our belief that the essence of true equality lies in the accommodation of difference and disadvantage. We sincerely hope that through its implementation, we will one day be able to take pride in a new justice system as one of the instruments that has contributed significantly to improving the quality of life for women in this country, and thus in reducing gender inequality. Please join us in the implementation and monitoring partnership.




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