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The Legal Services Charter

coverThe adoption by the Council of the Law Society of South Africa and the advocates' profession of the Legal Services Sector Charter is a historic occasion and a milestone for the profession. The Charter is the result of an extensive process of consultations which culminated in the legal profession undertaking the responsibility for the drafting of the Charter in consultation with the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development. The Charter embodies the profession's commitment to transformation and recognises that a strong, independent and representative profession is essential to ensure access to justice and to protect the Bill of Rights.

The Charter recognises and embraces the specific nature of the legal profession and the profession's responsibility to address not only economic imbalances but the wider social inequalities which beset our society.

Recognising that, whereas significant progress has been made in restructuring and transforming our society and its institutions, systemic inequalities and unfair discrimination remain deeply embedded in social structures, practices and attitudes, undermining the aspirations of our constitutional democracy. Recognising further that a strong, independent and representative legal services sector and profession is essential for the protection of the rights contained in the Bill of Rights, as well as the right of access to justice for all.

The Government and the Stakeholders in the legal services sector therefore adopt this Charter to be a binding and guiding principle to provide for an independent legal profession and to eradicate the inequalities of the past.


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