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Institution of proceedings in the  Equality Court (section 20)

  • Any person acting in their own interest
  • Any person acting on behalf of another who cannot act in their own interest
  • Any person acting as a member of, or  in the interest of a group, or class of persons
  • Any association acting in the interests of its members
  • The South African Human Rights Commission or the Commission for Gender Equality

Should you wish to bring or report a case to the Equality Court in terms of the Equality Act, the clerk of the equality court must be informed in the prescribed manner about one’s intention to do so. The Equality Court Clerk must then refer the matter to the Presiding officer within a prescribed period of time. The Presiding Officer must decide within a prescribed period based on all the relevant circumstances of the parties involved whether the matter should be heard in the Equality Court or referred to an alternative institution, body, tribunal, court or forum.